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Bioland Farm Restaurant, Sghar, Batroun

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Bioland’s Farm Restaurant is beautifully located in the heart of Bioland’s central farm in the Sghar Village of Batroun, just 25 minutes from Amchit and 15 minutes from Madfoun.

At about 500 meters from the St. Rafka Covent, the “Sghar” farm is home for over 40 types of fruit trees and vineyards, all naturally grown through organic means. It is also home to Bioland’s poultry, duck, rabbit and goat units, as well as all apiculture, dairy, and fresh meat production units.

At Bioland, we leave nature unharmed, therefore, we invite you to take a break from the hectic life and pollution of the city and stroll through our orchards and farms. 

We know that connecting with nature will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Our arms and gates are open to welcome schools who want to give their students an experience of nature and animal life in a natural and organic setting. There is so much to learn here and that too in a fun and experiential way – the best way to take lessons to heart.

Through the “Educational Visits” to our farm, students can learn about the organic cycle, interact and play with and learn about animals, try their hand at cooking, planting and more. \
Each student will return with a booklet that summarizes their visit, to take back home as a souvenir. 

If you want to prepare your students to value nature and the environment and build a strong foundation for the future “green minds” the way is to give them a firsthand experience of the wonders of nature, at Bioland Farm Restaurant.